Climate Action.

Healthy Environment.

Connected Communities.

The Big Issues:

The Climate Crisis

Global Environmental Collapse

Social Inequities

For 30 years consumerism and a free market economy has prioritised corporate and individual profits. Neoliberal ideology is the principle reason why climate science was disputed, global action stalled, and greenhouse gas emissions rapidly accelerated. We have witnessed worldwide deforestation, mass biodiversity extinction, and exploitation of our most vulnerable people and their communities.

The results are being felt in our city and in our region. The increased frequency of extreme weather events - heavy rainfall, drought and fire is happening right now. Disparity between low wages and increasing housing costs has resulted in homelessness, poverty, mental health issues and increased suicide rates. We are 30 years late in responding, but we are not too late. I will continue to champion smart city solutions to these big issues.

Nelson's Smart City Solutions:

Respond - Rapidly accelerate local responses to the climate emergency.

Restore - Continue restoration of our biodiversity, fresh water, and marine environments.

Regenerate - Promote a regenerative economy. A paradigm shift. A new way of thinking, which places social foundations and ecological guardianship, at the heart of prosperity and wellbeing.

Creating Conscious Change:

About Kate

Why the Climate Crisis?

Promoting a Regenerative Economy

Clean Energy for All

Greening our Transport Options

Plastic-free Aotearoa

Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Repair, Relove, Recycle

Growing our Food Differently

Healthy Food Choices, Healthy Environments

Restoring our Biodiversity

Water - Our Precious Life Force

Supporting Sustainable Housing

Empowering Connected Communities

Arts at the Heart

Thriving Outdoors

Creating a Paradigm Shift

Authorised by Kate Fulton, 45 Stansell Ave, Nelson.